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Smart Security. Built for Enterprise.


Smart Security. Built for Enterprise.


Reliable Storage Systems for
Video Streaming.

Reliable Storage Systems for
High-Resolution Video Streaming.

With surveillance systems, nothing but the best is good enough. Toshiba 3.5-inch S300 & S300 Pro HDDs are built to meet the highest demands.


Each S300 is built with the highest-quality components and has passed rigorous tests to ensure 24/7 reliability and performance.


Why Choose Toshiba?

High Storage Capacity

Toshiba S300 HDDs can store up to 6TB, and up to 10TB for Pro models. This makes the HDDs ideal for video surveillance systems.

Ideal for Surveillance

Toshiba NVRs work efficiently with DVRs and NVRs as a way of storing important footage, and ensuring fast video streaming performance. 

Keep Important Data Protected

Toshiba HDDs are built to keep important footage and files safe and secure, with smart technology allowing for optimal performance and peace of mind.